Case Study – Eko Installations & Stove Showroom

Castlecroft Eko Stove Room, Perth

The Business

Eko Installations is part of a growing family business, established more than 30 years ago in Bournemouth. Dale and Joe have been installing with the company for over 10 years, working alongside their father who now supplies stoves at Perth Stove Centre. Recently, Dale and Joe’s expanded the company to include Eko Stove Showroom which opened in October 2023. 

Over the years demand for stoves and woodburners has grown leading to Eko Installations opening Eko Stove Showroom.

With the installation services being based in Perth, the brothers approached Castlecroft Commercial Property in 2021, looking for a property to accommodate the businesses growing needs.

Their Needs

Eko approached Castlecroft looking for an industrial unit located in central Scotland, to conveniently store stock and provide the installation team a base to work from. Castlecroft had the perfect solution! Our industrial units at Friarton Triangle were the perfect solution and Eko moved into a 725 sq ft unit at Friarton Triangle in 2021. 

Less than 2 years on, Eko Installations were keen to expand their business space again to align with the growing demand for log burners and stoves. With two stove showrooms in Scotland, Dale and Joe were keen to open another showroom in Perth. 

As sales increase, so has the number of employees and the need to accommodate 8 members of staff. As a result, Eko required a property that would accommodate an office and on-site facilities for their staff.  Additionally, Eko was keen to have a property that would accommodate a showroom and somewhere to store stock.

Our Solution

When Eko approached us and told us about their need to upsize, we knew that our 1,565 sq. ft. industrial unit at Riverview Business Park was perfect for them.

Situated on Friarton Road, this unit is 5 minutes from Perth city centre and central Scotland’s major motorway network. 

Dale and Joe were kind enough to spare some time to tell us about this transition period and what attracted Eko to this particular property. “This is ideal for Eko’s engineers who install and service stoves all over Scotland from Aberdeen to Oban.”

Location was a key factor that Eko considered when deciding to open their first stove showroom. However, they also wanted somewhere warm and welcoming with roadside appeal to attract new customers. Previously a kitchen door showroom, this unit provided the perfect foundation for Eko Stoves Showroom.  

It has a conservatory with spectacular views of Kinnoull Hill and the River Tay providing Eko the opportunity to use this space as part of their stove showroom. Dale and Joe explained “In the three months since we have moved in we have seen an increase in sales and enquiries, due to the location of the industrial unit.”

In addition, Eko have built kitchen and bathroom facilities in the property and are currently renovating the stock area. Dale and Joe continue, “Although the rest of the property needed renovations to bring the unit into line with the businesses growing needs, the building has provided the perfect foundation.” 

He explains “Our engineers are able to enter the stock area and access staff facilities without having to enter the showroom.” “This lets us provide a more relaxed environment for customers to make them feel at home in our showroom.”

When asked what attracted Dale and Joe to this property, They explained “Beth and Paula are an integral part of Castlecroft. They are always on hand to help in an efficient manner.” They continue, “ They are always there to assist any way they can and any problems that have arisen have been dealt with promptly.” 

Dale and Joe go on to say “There was an incident where a vehicle had blocked the entrance to the stock area. The Castlecroft team were quick to assist and resolve our issue. This could have impacted our schedule and caused an inconvenience to our customers if it had not been resolved as quickly as they did.”

The brothers finish by saying “The Castlecroft team are friendly and very approachable and we believe it is them that make working with Castlecroft a pleasure.”

With plans to open Eko Stoves showrooms all over Scotland from Aberdeen to Oban, we wish them every success and look forward to supporting Eko during this period of growth.

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