How an Office Space Helps Your Business Grow

Castlecroft King James VI Business Centre

How an Office Space Helps Your Business Grow

Castlecroft King James VI Business Centre

Working from home has advantages and disadvantages, but is saving time and money on the daily commute really important? If you are a small business owner, you may not have realised the disadvantages and constraints this work environment has on your business. This article sheds light on how an office space helps your business Grow.

Disadvantages of Working From Home

The disadvantages soon add up when weighing up the pros and cons of working from home. Do you find yourself distracted by background noise? Does the sound of the TV, your neighbour’s lawn mower, dogs barking in the street, cold callers and social media notifications drive you to distraction? Is this affecting your productivity? Maybe it’s time to consider whether this environment is preventing the growth of your business. Social and professional isolation, lack of innovation due to reduced communication, reduced access to information, overworking, increased cost of equipment, reduced space and social distractions negatively affect productivity and your business in the long run, and should not be taken lightly. Maybe it’s time to start considering how an office space helps your business grow.

Advantages of an Office Space

Here at Castlecroft Commercial Properties, we are committed to supporting you and helping you grow your business to its full potential by offering a variety of workspaces to suit businesses of all sizes. Our offices start at 100 sq ft for as little as £55 per week which provides you with an office space that accommodates 2 desks. This allows you to start small, with the option to upgrade as your business grows. With access to a shared kitchen and a fully manned reception, you can rest assured that we’re on hand when needed. Our easy billing includes all maintenance charges, gas, electric, water, telephone and broadband charges, whilst providing secure 24hr secure entry, CCTV site coverage and access to boardroom hire, free car parking and electric vehicle charging. Also, being part of a thriving business park can have a positive impact that helps your business grow to its full potential.

Being Part of a Thriving Business Park

Maybe you feel all you need to do is achieve a professional presence while working from home. We can help by providing you a professional address using our mailbox service. This would give you a business address within a professional business environment. The mailbox service gives you the flexibility to collect your post when it is convenient, rather than having your day dictated by delivery time slot. Maybe you are unavailable to collect your mail, or perhaps you are planning to travel. That’s not a problem, as you can get your mail forwarded to anywhere in the world. Also, a mailbox helps to protect your privacy and adds credibility to your business name.

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