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Castlecroft are here to support a variety of growing businesses as their needs change. With our large portfolio of commercial property, our workspace solutions offers small businesses like Prop Traders Club, the opportunity to upsize their workspace as their business needs grow.

The Business

Prop Traders Club was founded in October 2022 by local entrepreneur Tony Williamson. This rapidly growing small business, which started in a home office in Perth, required Tony to work full time within 5 months of start-up. Tony’s success is the result of him identifying a gap in the stock shares and bonds market that is currently unserved. 

Tony was kind enough to take the time to talk to us about the services Prop Traders Club offers their clients. He tells us “From time to time traders of stocks and shares need a cash injection from proprietary firms. Proprietary firms are financial institutions that provide trading capital and resources to individual traders, commonly known as retail traders.” 

That’s where Prop Traders Club comes in. Members of this club have access to Prop Traders Club Funding where clients are matched with their ideal investor. Tony explains further “Prop Trader Club has created an active community where traders can discuss prop firm-related topics. We also have an app that helps traders find the right investor for them by offering them impartial advice.” 

He’s goes on to say “The Prop Traders Club offers our group member’s advice, discounts, reviews of firms and the opportunity to enter competitions and giveaways.” Tony Explains, “We have built a community to evaluate, compare, review and test proprietary firms. We provide tools to help traders avoid falling victim to bad players in the industry.”

Their Needs

With the Prop Traders Club having over 15,000 members it was time for Tony to consider expanding his home office to accommodate other members of staff. With this need in mind, local man Tony approached Castlecroft Commercial Property Management looking for a solution to his businesses growing needs.

Tony has certainly identified a niche in the market and within months, he had persuaded his wife, Jamie-Leigh to come on board to help deal with the high demand for this service. With Tony’s wife joining the company it became a priority that they needed a commercial property that fit in with the family needs. 

With this in mind, size, price, location and the opportunity to change properties as the business grows, influenced Tony’s decision when he approached Castlecroft Commercial Properties.

Our Solution

Our 130 sq. ft. office in King James VI Business Centre, Perth was the perfect solution for Prop Traders Club. This provides the opportunity for the business to employ up to 4 members of staff. This gives Tony the flexibility to expand his workforce as his business needs grow. King James VI Business Centre also has office suites as large as 1,600 sq. ft., offering tenants the opportunity to upsize their work space as the need arises.

Tony Explains, “We were initially attracted to this office at King James because of the location.”  He continues, “With a young family at home we needed somewhere that would be convenient to home and the children’s school.” “This has been the main reason for choosing this office as it saves us time with the school run and daily commute.”

Tony continues, “We are also conscious of the speed of growth and are aware of the need to upsize the office space arising in the near future.” “The growth experienced in the last year will only continue as words spread about the benefits of the Prop Traders community.” He states that, “King James Business Centre is ideal as it offers us the flexibility to change our office as and when required.” “With the growing demand for our service we will be looking to put a plan for expansion into action early next year.” 

Tony finishes by explaining how easy billing and the friendly, helpful Castlecroft team have been an added bonus. “The inclusive billing saves us time on admin and gives us more time to focus on our business.” “One payment covers the Wi-Fi and energy bills, and you have access to a shared kitchen, meeting rooms and free parking.”

Tony continues, “The friendly staff are always on hand to help and have dealt with any problems that have arisen promptly.”

To find out more about Castlecroft workspace solutions and help your business achieve its full potential contact the team. 

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