Otterly Enchanting: River Tay Tales from our Office Windows

Castlecroft Otterly Enchanting from our Office Window Blog

When we get a chance to gaze out of our office windows at Riverview Business Park, the River Tay view becomes a stage for a lively otter performance. 

These charismatic creatures, with their sleek bodies and mischievous expressions, draw our attention as they swim, dive and frolic in the water. 

Their playful antics serve as a welcome distraction, injecting a dose of joy and spontaneity into the otherwise structured rhythm of work.

We are often treated to a front row seat to a captivating wildlife spectacle that unfolds right outside our office windows.

All of this from the comfort of an office window in our King James VI, Riverview House and Kinnoull House business centres at Riverview Business Park.

Come and see for yourself and visit Castlecroft Commercial Properties for your next office space.

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