Fighting Cyber-Crime – One Spam Email at a time

Cyber Security

When the very words cyber security are uttered it conjures up the image of various dramatised US crime shows, with dark web criminals selling kidneys on the black market. However, it’s not a huge leap to that from the original spam email cluttering your inbox – Yes, the threat is very real!   

We are currently at the forefront of fighting cyber-crime, recently accredited as a cyber-essentials compliant company, we are taking each step possible to ensure that we are cyber secure, and you can too.  

For some it may be hard to understand justifying spending money securing your networks, however you would secure any valuables inside a safe, with a coded entry, behind a locked office, inside a secure entry building with an alarm… so why not treat the IT parts of your business with the same precaution. Most possessions can be replaced but losing all your company data and starting from scratch, is a whole different ballgame! 

The spam email we all see in our inboxes and junk folders is becoming something most of us think we can identify fairly easily, but there are always new ways of duplicating your contacts or replicating emails you would normally accept. We aren’t saying you should question every single email in your inbox but there are things to look out for, and some awareness training is well worth investing in. 

For us, employees who are aware of the dangers of spam, internet security and critically password security are essential in the steps we take to prevent potential cyber-attacks.  

Another essential component is having a good IT team behind you, a company who supports your business and is actively advising you of how to protect your company against threat is only someone to be valued.  

And finally knowing that you are up against an ever-changing threat is half the battle, hackers will always find new ways of getting into your system. Today it may be replicating a seemingly innocent email but tomorrow it could be a visitor loading malware into your network via your Wi-Fi (this does already happen!)  And before you know it you are listed on the dark web and you’re in a position that is putting your company at risk. 

Knowing how to keep your network safe goes well beyond our remit so we chose to ask M3 Networks to help us and we know that we are doing all we can to fight cyber-crime together. Kind of like Batman and Robin but with a Citroen van instead of the Batmobile.  

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