What does a Flexible Lease Term mean?


When looking at offices to lease it can be quite baffling when reading through different company’s terminology relating to the leases and rental agreements. What you really want is to be able to compare all of your options on a like for like basis to see what will suit your company requirements best.

A lease term is the terminology used to describe the length of lease in months/years/days that you will lease a property for, with commercial premises this is usually a minimum of 12 months.

At the Castlecroft Group we like to try and customise the term to suit each of our individual client’s business requirements. Our standard lease term is 12 months however are able to offer fantastic incentives for those looking to sign a lease for longer terms, i.e. 3 years lease may get 2 months’ rent free.

At Castlecroft we pride ourselves in having a range of sizes of properties available, this gives us the option to provide our clients with the flexibility of moving premises within our portfolio (larger or smaller) within the initial term of the lease without being penalised. Many of our clients like our flexibility as it allows them to have smaller overheads when they start up but if their growth is quicker than expected they are not stuck in unusable premises.

We are always here to help our tenants and we love nothing more than to see them grow, but we fully appreciate that this is not always the case. However, we are always here to support where we can, and we find that in the majority of cases they bounce back and given a bit of time are ready to move up again once they have stabilised themselves.  The priority for us is to support local business and promote growth and our flexible lease terms allows us the facility to do so. 

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