Winter Past and Spring Forward

Castlecroft Business Park

Winter past and Spring Forward has seen a lot of changes for Castlecroft and there are more on the horizon.

It’s been another busy Winter past for the Castlecroft Property team with new tenants moving in and saying farewell to some long standing tenants moving onto new pastures. Along with some big changes as a company (and to the landscape!) we’ve had our own team changes too.

With Spring now in full swing it’s great to see our tenants out and about again and the river come back to life with wildlife, trees and water sports. It is certainly an added bonus having views of the river from the office window to keep us inspired.

Towards the end of 2022 we said hello to Valerie Ellis (Val!) who is a great addition to the team with website updates, marketing and social media. Val brings a wealth of experience and new ideas to the team and is enjoying her new role! She also assists our sister companies ‘Keepsafe Storage Centres’ and ‘Scotloo’ with their requirements too.


Moncreiffe House in 1901 as part of Friarton Gasworks

Moncreiffe House 

Moncreiffe House as it was in 1901 when it was part of Friarton Gasworks 


We said goodbye to Moncrieffe Business Centre which was demolished during winter past. After serving many years for us as an office building its seen many tenants and styles of business come through the doors. We are now excited to be utilising the old footprint of the business centre to develop some new industrial units in the near future.

Winter past and Spring Forward Moncreiffe House Demolition

As a team, we welcome a new part-time maintenance person John Greenwood. John has a very varied background across different fields, which have made him a great asset to the team. He is positive and will always say hello if you see him around the site.

Spring forward has seen much of our office space and industrial units full. It’s great to see the buildings being used to their full potential. Don’t worry though – we do still have offices and units to offer if you are in the market for a new business space!


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