Castlecroft – Way Back When

Castlecroft King James VI Business Centre, Perth

Way Back When

Once upon a time, late 1970’s not too far away!
A business was born, starting it’s way.
It started small, a humble little place,
With dreams and aspirations ready to embrace

The founders toiled day and night
Building Castlecroft Group with all their might
With a vision, a dream to pursue
To bring excellent service, especially for you

Through ups and downs, we’ve weathered tides,
Adapting to change, embracing it with pride.
We listen to our customers, understand their needs
And offer solutions that sow fruitful seeds.

The team we have assembled are strong and bright
Each member contributing with all their might
Together we’ve built a culture of trust and care
Where everyone thrives beyond compare.

Years now turned to decades, time marches on
And business flourishes like a rising dawn.
We’ve celebrated milestones and achievements grand
Reflecting on the journey, hand in hand.

So here’s to Castlecroft and it’s storied past
A tale that will forever last.
May we all continue to thrive and make history anew
With each passing year, and dreams that come true.

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