Frequently Asked Questions When Considering a Castlecroft Lease

From start-ups’ and small enterprises to established companies; we find the general questions we are asked during property viewings and enquiries are very much like-for-like.

Here we answer some of the questions that you find yourself frequently considering when looking to lease an office space or industrial unit with us.

What is Your Minimum Lease Term?

Our minimum lease duration is 12 months, with the option to discuss any longer term if preferable.

We recognise that each business has unique requirements and this duration offers a ‘middle ground’ that suits various operational strategies and growth stages. While the lease term is set at a minimum of 1 year, our approach to flexibility remains intact. 

We understand that circumstances change and unexpected opportunities or challenges do arise. As such, we’ve designed our leasing process to accommodate necessary adjustments, whether they involve expanding your space due to growth or responding to internal shifts.

What is Included in My Rental Price?

This can vary between our properties and office buildings but many of our rental prices do also include the utilities and/or internet.

We find this is a helpful set-up for businesses to have all costs under one ‘umbrella’ to give you time to focus on the more important day-to-day tasks in running your business.

For example, when renting an office in our ‘King James VI Business Centre’ the following would be included:

–          Gas/heating costs

–          Electricity usage

–          Internet

–          Communal cleaning

–          Manned reception

–          Free onsite parking

–          CCTV coverage across site

Whilst our buildings do vary; this approach is welcomed by tenants to take the pressure of the day-to-day tasks that arise in offices. With our onsite postal facilities and full-time staff to assist with any issues, we are here to make your life that bit easier!

Can I Change the Property to Suit My Own Style/Business?

Absolutely! We understand that business colours, logos and styles are very much an important part of your own brand. We are more than happy for you to decorate or make changes inside your space to suit your own requirements. However, we do ask that if any structural changes are made, that prior approval from the landlord is sought along with plans for review.

Please keep this in mind when looking to carry out anything more extensive. It is expected that tenants always return the properties in the same condition as leased. 

How and When Will I be Due to Pay My Rental Charges?

Unless agreed otherwise, any rental invoices are sent monthly and payments are required to be made on the first (or nearest working day) each month by direct debit. We would have this set-up with you in advance to make this one less thing to think about each month!

What Happens When My Lease is Nearing the End?

We will contact you in writing prior to your lease agreement expiring. Generally we would send out a letter to offer an extension to the existing agreement. This will cover any changes (if applicable) we are looking to make in advance and for your consideration. 

Once you have decided on your own business intentions you can sign and return the lease renewal to extend your tenancy; or contact us in writing if you are looking to vacate the property. We do try to keep this clear and simple for everyone.

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